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SCALNYX and CEA: prestigious conference about Full Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

SCALNYX and CEA List presented at the e-congrès Lambda Mu 22 conference on risk management, their joint research paper in the digital transformation session entitled: Privacy preserving Machine-Learning-as-a-service (MLaaS) based on homomorphic encryption – Issues and Challenges. We are building the fastest and most efficient confidential computing platform based on FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption). Do…
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SCALNYX in FXT digest: solve matching engines performance bottlenecks in crypto exchange

SCALNYX published an article in FTX digest, one of the world’s leading crypto exchange. The article talks about market quality and how our parallel computing technology can solve matching engines performance bottlenecks in crypto exchanges. Read full article here: See article

Deeptech Label

SCALNYX is Deeptech labelised

SCALNYX successfully attained the Deeptech label by BPI (Public Investment Bank) for an original research project in the data security domain. With regulatory requirements and complexity of the financial algorithm, it urges us to solve computational problems and handle the increasing volumes of data alongside with the constraints of architecture costs and data confidentiality.  …
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Confidential MLaaS based on homomorphic encryption – Challenges and obstacles

SCALNYX breakthrough technology for confidential computing. See publication

Derivative Pricing

Option pricing by machine learning

SCALIFAI™ for fast and accurate option pricing by machine learning. Download whitepaper Download whitepaper × Close

Scale the Performance of Matching Engines by Combining Levyx™ + Scalnyx™ + Intel® Optane™

Power the first scalable matching engine with zero data loss. See publication


Partnership with Levyx

Levyx chosen by Scalnyx to power the world’s first highly available and scalable matching engine with zero data loss Levyx’s Helium™ Engine Combined With Intel® Optane™ Adds Critical Data Persistence See white paper

virtualisation server

How rapidly migrating, building and optimizing a high-performance parallel multi-stencil system ?

Scalgo™ for high performance computing. See publication