About us


At scalnyx, we build tools to transform raw diamonds into crystal clear diamonds.

We live in a world overwhelmed by information, full of complexity and abstractions, and we have to make intelligent decisions based on understanding remaining by nature partial and biased. 

The value does not so much stand in the data as in its links, hence the extreme complexity and the challenge to extract the essential marrow from them. Transitioning from a data-driven society to a knowledge-driven society requires modeling complex systems and simplifying its representation, improving understanding and leading to well-informed decisions.

A model comes close to reality when we use the right tools and methodologies leveraging the knowledge of experts in the field. This is not always possible and a compromise must be made:

  • trying to strictly correspond to reality takes a long time to calculate, requires a lot of power from the machine and doesn’t help so much eventually;
  • some models sticking to the available data lack meaningful information to predict the future;
  • some models require expert knowledge in the field, but fail to effectively capture the complex logic.

There is a huge gap between data and knowledge. We miss many opportunities to intelligently use the available data to benefit from it, optimize processes or mitigate risk. We need technologies to transform data into our own knowledge.

We created SCALNYX to unlock the data intelligence hidden in complex models by illuminating untapped zones: we build state-of-the-art technologies for you to transform raw diamonds into your crystal clear diamonds.


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